Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review Tuesday

As we have moved back to Blogger and have developed a bit more method to our madness (our mother would be so proud), welcome to Book Review Tuesday.

As a distinct number seven personality, please don't think this will happen EVERY Tuesday or even again on a Tuesday, it just happens to be a Tuesday and I have a book I've just finished reading that I want to write about.

So I had a fairly strong dislike to crime fiction and mystery books because either I read the ones that were crap or just the ones that included a very stereotypical main character ... I hate stereotypes and will/have closed books if I even get a whiff. Yep - all it takes for me is a whiff.

I was recommended Gillian Flynn's latest book, Gone Girl by my delightful boss (thank you for my study leave today! I totally nailed my assignment ;-) ) and completed devoured it in a record two days. It was one of those awesome books that I couldn't put down, and then when I did, it spoke to me in my head and I swear my Kindle was making me read more.

So I was keen to read her other work but I didn't want to fall into the trap of being in love with an authors first book and then having those feelings crushed by reading other books and feeling disappointed. It has happened before.

I started reading Dark Place late last week - it was finished on Sunday afternoon - I yelled at the Kindle. Yes. I yelled. Usually I save my yelling for TV and have only done it a couple of times when I've been reading.

If you could describe a book like this without giving too much away, I can do it for this book in five words:

This shit is messed up!!
Holey crapola!! Gillian has this amazing ability to tap into a dark part of society and portray a story that you can completely see it playing out in your head. It's not sugar-coated, the characters have HUGE problems and as a reader - I LOVE IT!

I want to horrified, mesmerised and get insight into people and although this is fiction, you can see it happening and like a crazy stunned bystander, you simply cannot look away.

Find the book on Amazon.

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