Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Welcome minions to one of my favourite days of the year!

I get to talk about horror movies without anyone rolling their eyes and going 'OMG shut up already,' there are skeletons everywhere, and I have an excuse to wear black nailpolish and spiders without anyone looking at me weirdly.

Because of my strange love of vintage horror, I thought I would change things up for a day and do a quick poll around my office about the scariest movies people have seen. Non B & W, gore and slash galore, the stuff freakish nightmares are made of and things that have made people cry uncontrollably.

I have seen a fair few of these, but most I would not ever attempt to watch. I like vintage horror, and I don't like seeing intestines and other things that should be inside one's body.

Feel free to add to the list of movies and of course; HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

So grab your popcorn and watch in no particular order:

- Paranormal Activity (F*& that shit!)
- Silence of the Lambs (I loved this so so much). 
- The Birds (Loved it!)
- Psycho (Got a copy for Xmas!)

Halloween CANNOT be complete without at least some reference to the master, Vincent Price. This is a gorgeous film made in 1982 by the then not so known director, Tim Burton. 

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  1. Psycho was a good film. I might be watching Rear Window for school this year.