Monday, October 1, 2012

New season TV

I've been waiting for this moment for about 6 months now...

My favourite shows are back!!

It's been too long since Homeland has been in my life and I cannot wait to watch the first episode in the new season. Revenge season finale was mind-blowing and the last bit, with the Florence song was seriously good TV. New Girl is back as well as Parks and Rec! HOORAY!

But there are few other new shows that are making an appearance in the next few weeks that I'm keen to watch.

I do like a good British cop drama... Life on Mars anyone? so I'm keen to check out the new show Hunted which has some chick from Home and Away - Melissa George.

There are a few others but I think the other one I'm pretty keen on is called Arrow. Maybe?

I cut things off as soon as I'm bored so let's see how these go.

What else should I be watching?

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