Monday, October 8, 2012

Timeless classics

So I have an extremely long to read pile that seems to grow and grow every day. Someone will suggest 'Oh have you read this Carrie?' and if the answer is no, then it is immediately added to the list.

Same with movies and TV shows. I'm keen for anything, open to anything and if it sounds interesting, I will give it a go.

I sometimes think I should just start at the beginning of time and then move slowly forward to catch up. But then I remember this is a silly idea and something I will never adhere to.

So my current list of things I need my brain to consume are:

- Chocolat (After seeing Joanne Harris at the Writers Festival, this is probably no.1 on the list).
- 1984 By George Orwell
- Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (TOTALLY in love with her work)

- Mad Dogs - Totally obsessed with Ashes to Ashes and British cop shows in general.

- Ashes to Ashes for the reasons mentioned above
- Sons of Anarchy... MUST. FINISH. IT

- OZ - the Great and Powerful ... OH. MY. GOD. 

- Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - I read the book while in Vietnam and am skeptical but keen to watch the movie. 

Keen to hear suggestions on what else I should check out.

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