Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween countdown - A tribute to Vincent Price

Confession: I haven't blogged in awhile and I haven't actually watched any horror movies in long time either.   I have missed it though.

I think I was trying to be normal? I even began writing a story about 'real life' but it seemed to fail miserably.  It was boring, predictable and I couldn't visualise it without filling it with stereotypical characters.

I guess I was bored and felt boring.

Then I realised my Pinterest boards were filled with dark, mysterious skeletons, spooky pictures and LOTS of black and white photos of history that seem a little creepy these days. I even brought in Halloween decorations for my desk at work.

I missed my creepy vintage horror. I shouldn't fight my love of crappy zombie movies, ghosts, skeletons and the macabre.

I should embrace.

So in celebration of this rekindled romance, I have decided to do a small countdown to Halloween (seeing as though its less than a week away!). Today, is a tribute to a true master of the vintage horror scene - Vincent Price.

In my recent memory anyway, I have only screamed in one movie and you will all laugh at me that it was made in 1956 and featured THE most FAKE skeleton I have ever seen. There is a scene in the movie where one of the women go down into a room in the basement by herself and she is in there by herself until the shot pans out and there is a crazy lady standing next to her. I screamed SO loud because I wasn't expecting it and then laughed at how ridiculous it was. There have been a few remakes of this movie but nothing compares to the original.


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