Thursday, November 8, 2012

Real life is boring to write about.

So I'm beginning to think that my mind is a little dark and twisted. I've been attempting Nanowrimo for the past 8 days and I am really really REALLY struggling.

I had an idea. It was a beautiful idea that I wanted to write about, but for some reason it is really boring me and I have no direction with it. I had real life characters, who were doing real life things, and that is cool and everything, but I am starting to feel bored with it.

Like I always do, when I attempt to write about something normal.

Which is kind of sad, because it actually had quite deep meaning to me and about someone who I really care about.

I like the dark and mysterious. I've always managed to finish stories that I can incorporate the strange, weird and wonderful into. Real life is really boring to write about. Normal is really boring to write about, and I don't know about your experiences, but normal is REALLY boring to read.

I'm sure the person who I had been writing about is looking down on me and rolling their eyes and muttering 'Stop writing rubbish you goose, I'm not going anywhere. Take your time!!" 

I need to stop writing for the sake of writing and actually make some plans.

Plus, they need a kick-ass story instead.  

Do stories need passion, drama, bad things happening for them to be interesting? I think so. I've struggled with the idea that someone will judge me for something I write about, but I feel that I have overcome that hurdle. I don't need to justify the things I write about, and just for the record: no, I did not stab that vampire with two heads in the chest in real life.

I dream about sharks swimming in my front yard, even though I live in the country.

Think Ill stick with writing about that.

Sorry Nanowrimo. Kudos to you Stuart for continuing the challenge. I'll catch up some other time.

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