Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just some clarifications...

So I need to settle something with you (and myself) here.

I am a fan of other things apart from vintage horror movies. I don't actually spend too much of my time watching them (1 a week at the most!), so I wanted to share some other things that I am passionate about.

This is, after all, a blog about stuff AND things. Not just stuff and not just things.

I love music. Like seriously love music. I have my headphones in my ears most of my days at work and have my stereo pumping at home on the weekend. I love finding new music, you just never know when your new favorite song will pop up! Live music = heaven.

I love movies. So today I have discovered the world of Vimeo and short movies ( I know - where have I been?) and will be watching as many as I can forevermore. I love movies with real substance, with real beauty - some explosions are necessary and I hate romance movies.

I love the world. After travelling to Vietnam at the start of the year, I have the itch to travel and my list of places I want to go has grown quite a lot in the last few months. Pretty much, everywhere. I want to experience as much as possible.

I am a news junkie. Hands down. I need to know what is happening as soon as it happens. If I hear an inkling of something happening, I will track down what is going on. It's probably kind of sad. Oh well.

I love to write. But I'm terrible at keeping deadlines or sticking to a particular story for a long period of time. I write because I need to, if I didn't I would be a sleep deprived zombie with a brain too full to function. Writing =sense of the world.

I love to read. I am naked without a book in my hand or on my bedside. I will read anything, and sometimes I will be reading three books at once.

So pretty much to sum up. . . I love life!

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