Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween countdown - Classics are the best

Sup peeps.

There is only a few days till the horror that is Halloween and I thought I'd share a true masterpiece I watched over the weekend - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

I only was introduced to the book not so long ago and even though it was written some time ago, I read it cover to cover and loved it so much.

So when I was looking for something to watch over the weekend and saw they made a movie from the book in 1931 I went GO GO GO!!

My goodness it didn't disappoint. This struggle between good and evil can be interpreted in so many ways, and I love the idea of making a potion to bring out a person's inner demons. Society is made up of so many rules, expectations, ideologies and this stories is about questioning all of them.

They have made a few versions after this one, which I am now reluctant to check out because I liked this one so much.

It made me think though - do re-makes lose a lot of the point in movies through special effects?

I also checked out the 1992 version of Dracula. Apart from Keanu Reeves being a horrible actor (it was like he was just reading his lines!), it was still quirky and weird.  The original was one of the first black and white movies I ever watched, and Bela Lugosi is THE ultimate Dracula. Native Romanian accent, and those facial features that the Count off Sesame Street emulates.

Gary Oldman did an amazing job as Dracula in this version, but I think I just have a soft spot for the original.

C. :)

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